His first exposure to the movie industry came while he was still serving in the United States Army and was contacted about blowing up a car for a feature film.  Being close to retirement, he learned that day what his next career would be and has not looked back.  Since his retirement in 1977, he has been fortunate enough to provide special services to filmmakers for feature films, television, commercials, live shows, industrial safety training, Army training, law enforcement, and Homeland Security projects.

With all of his special training, Bob feels that we can deliver some of the best effects available, while still maintaining the ultimate in safety. 

Bob Shelley's Special Effects is a full-service special effects company offering the highest quality of special effects design, rentals, and set support. 

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Bob Shelley

Bob was in the United States Army for 21 years and retired as a Captain.  His field was Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD).  During his military career, he was appointed to serve in many unique positions and had a security clearance of TOP SECRET, with a special clearance of CNWDI (Critical Nuclear Weapons Design Information), as well as White House Security Clearance, which included protection services for the presidents – from Kennedy to Reagan, and many foreign dignitaries. He was involved in three wars/conflicts to include Egypt/Israel, Honduras/El Salvador and Vietnam where he received a Battlefield Commission.

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